Laywer in Romania

Gabriela Gheorghiu
All Romanian courts, including Supreme Court of Justice. Phone: +4-0745-776050

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

We represent clients in a variety of trial, arbitration, and mediation matters on a daily basis in areas concerning commercial law, corporate law, tax law, public procurement, insurance, employment. We also understand that going to trial is not necessarily the best solution for our clients. Therefore, we always try to help our clients find the best solution, which includes any potential amicable settlement or the best cost-effective and efficient litigation model.

Tax law

We provide full advice and representation in national and local tax matters that include:

Corporate & Commercial law

Our commercial cases include a full range of complex legal issues such as:


We regularly advise corporates on a very large scale of employment matters such as:


We solve insurance coverage problems for both policy holders and insurance companies. We have an extensive experience in insurance cases, we defend all kind of claims and we seek coverage when there is a potentially covered loss. Insurance cases can end up with mutual settlement, but we are ready to take insurance indemnity or coverage questions to trial.